The AMRAY directory was reviewed for Web Directory Reviews Org on May 18, 2014.


This will be my third review of the AMRAY directory, as it has been in our top ten since it was first reviewed in October of last year. Each quarter, I assess and rate twenty web directories for Web Directory Reviews Org. Those directories that make it into the top ten are reevaluated the following quarter, competing against one another and ten additional directories.

AMRAY was number five in the 4th quarter of 2013, and number six in the first quarter of 2014. The last AMRAY was reviewed, although it came in behind Yahoo! Directory and Jasmine Directory, these three had actually tied on points.

That being the case, it might also be said that Yahoo, Jasmine, and AMRAY tied for third place, and I'm thinking of scoring my top ten in such a manner in subsequent top ten lists.

The Moz Domain Authority for the AMRAY directory is 50/100, while the Page Authority of its index page is 58/100, its Page MozRank is 5.82 and its Page MozTrust is 5.74. Its Majestic SEO Trust Flow is 30, and its Citation Flow is 35.

Basic listings may be submitted to AMRAY for free, while premium listings are $29 per year or $39 for permanent inclusion.

When I review a directory for Web Directory Reviews Org, I try to do so from the perspective of a directory user, so SEO metrics do not figure into the ratings of the directory.

I will be looking at the directory's aesthetics (10%), content (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), and usefulness (25%) of the directory, and may assign up to five extra points for useful content that is not ordinarily a part of a web directory.

Aesthetics - 7/10

The index page of the AMRAY directory is centered horizontally, but at the top of the page, vertically.

The design of its header fits well with that of the remainder of the directory. Below the header is the directory's peripheral content, consisting of a variety of webmaster tools, links to a blog and a forum that are inactive, ads for an AMRAY Web TV Directory, and another thing that makes noise.

Below that, is the search bar, which defaults to directory searches, but allows searches on the web, or AMRAY's MP3 downloads.

The main menu itself consists of five symmetrical top-level categories, each consisting of two words combined with an ampersand, except for Singles Singles, which doesn't really stand out as being asymmetrical. The main menu is presented with a background that consists of a faded world map.

Its internal pages are well set out, with a thumbnail image of each listed site, and an informational box to the right of it.

All in all, it's an attractive presentation. I could do without the noise, but the aesthetics of AMRAY are pretty good.

Content - 25/25

I scanned the AMRAY directory yesterday, using Scrutiny. When I am reviewing large directories, such as AMRAY, I limit the number of links that I scan for to 400,000, to avoid crashes. AMRAY topped out at that number. Scrutiny flagged 7,029 links as being bad but I would estimate that more than three fourths of them were timeouts, which are often not actually bad links, so it would seem that AMRAY has a low bad link count.

I browsed through several of AMRAY's categories and subcategories and did not come across any empty ones. There were several that could be subdivided further, but that's another matter.

Intuitiveness - 16/20

Unlike several other directories that I have looked at, AMRAY did not copy its taxonomy from the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) or the Yahoo! Directory. Its category structure appears to be unique, yet fairly easy to follow.

One detractor that I have to note is that its category structure is not very deep; there are several categories with multiple pages of listings, rather than subcategorizing or separating obviously regionally oriented sites to a regional category, of which there is none.

AMRAY has no regional category, the closest being its People & Places tree but, even t here its content is listed topically, leaving users to wade through multiple pages of sites in its Hotels & Motels subcategory in order to find a hotel in any particular place in the world.

Directory users could use AMRAY's search feature, of course, which is perfectly functional; still, I would consider this to be a weakness.

There is no use of @links, related links, or See Also links but its category structure is not so deep as to require such.

Quality - 15/20

I could point out some bad edits, but this is probably true of any directory the size and age of the AMRAY directory. In large part, however, site titles and descriptions meet the standards of the directory.

AMRAY does use the sentence fragment model for site descriptions, with the first sentence fragment briefly defining the company or organization, while the second describes some of the features on the site, a model that is very similar to that used by DMOZ, Best of the Web, and several others.

This type of description was adapted early on by web directories, perhaps because a lot of people were connecting to the Internet by dialup, or because server space was at a premium; I don't know, but we don't generally consider incomplete, or grammatically incorrect, sentences to be of good quality on any other website, so I am of the opinion that the same rules should apply to web directories.

More descriptive descriptions would also help directory users determine which sites they want to visit in a category, and provide textual content for the purpose of search engine optimization.

The AMRAY directory handled a scan by Scrutiny without trouble, and the fact that there are very few bad links or empty categories speaks well of the quality of the directory.

Usefulness - 15/25

There is enough content on the AMRAY directory for it to be useful. This is somewhat hampered by the fact that so many of its categories are too large, to a point where a directory user would be faced with multiple pages of site listings.

Category descriptions would also be a plus, for site submitters as well as users who may be interested in topics included in the directory. They would add useful textual content that would be spidered by search engines, enhancing the value of a listing to sites listed in these categories, and users who are sufficiently interested in a topic to browse its pages in a web directory may find well written category descriptions to be helpful as well.

Extra Content - 2

Although this is a greater boon to site submitters than directory users, I like the fact that a listing in the AMRAY directory actually yields several direct links to the site: one on the category page, a couple more on the "rate it" page, and others in the details page.

Also, the details page includes SEO metrics and other details about the listed site, including a Google map. Directory users are able to rate or review listed sites, or to report dead links.

Overall Rating - 80%

Based on my evaluation of the AMRAY directory on May 18, 2014, I have rated it at eighty percent.


AMRAY is one of the oldest and largest directories on the Internet, and one of the best web directories online. Its administrative and editorial staff are to be commended.


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