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Upon assessment of the Aviva Directory on Saturday, August 17, 2013 , I have assigned it a rating of eighty-three percent.

Web Directory Reviews Org reviews twenty web directories each calendar quarter, assigning a rating to each, after which the top ten directories are determined. The following quarter, the top ten directories from the previous quarter compete against one another, as well as ten additional directories.

Today, we'll be looking at Aviva Directory, which was rated number one during the second quarter of 2013. This will be the third time we've reviewed Aviva Directory because it was number four during the first quarter.

Aviva Directory has been online since February of 2005, so it has been around long enough to be an established directory, yet not so long as to be one of the first web directories, some of which began prior to 2000.

Approximately 22,000 of its pages have been indexed by Google. The index page of Aviva Directory has a Google PageRank of 5. Its second-level category pages have a PageRank of 4, and the PageRank of its third-level categories ranges from 0-3. The Alexa Traffic Rank for Aviva Directory is 24,825, and its SEMRush Rank and SEMRush Search Traffic are 736,170 and 213 respectively, while its MajesticSEO is 70,464,868. Its SeoMoz Page Authority is 74, and its MosRank is 6.58.

Aviva Directory has had 432 StumbleUpon stumbles, thirteen Twitter tweets, and three Google +1 clicks.

The submission fee for a permanent listing in Aviva Directory is $149.95, while an annual listing is $49.95 per year. Five hundred characters are allowed in a site description. All site listings in the directory are listed alphabetically, with no featured listing options. Internal pages of a site are accepted.

For the sake of our evaluation and rating, each directory is evaluating from the perspective of a potential directory user, so the information included above are presented for informational purposes, and will not be reflected in the directory's rating.

During the third quarter of 2013, we will be evaluating each directory in five areas: aesthetics, content, intuitiveness, quality, and usefulness, which will be valued at 10%, 25%, 20%, 20%, and 25%, respectively, adding up to a possible value of 100%. Additionally, I may award up to five extra credit points for any positive features of the directory that are not adequately covered within these five areas, although I rarely award the full five points.

Aesthetics - 9/10

From other reviews that I have read, I am aware that not everyone likes the design of Aviva Directory, although many do. Whenever a directory utilizes anything other than a white background with black or blue text, there will be those who are unhappy with it.

However, my chief considerations are whether it is pleasant or easy to look at, and to read, as far as its design, color choices, and any images or design elements that might be used. I enjoy a sense of symmetry, particularly on a directory's index page, although I recognize that the near impossibility of carrying it on through the directory. Some directory operators find it necessary to carry advertising on their directories, but this also serves as a distraction.

I happen to like and to appreciate the design choices that were made for Aviva Directory. Perhaps some people do find green or white text on a dark gray background to be difficult to read, but I find it to be relaxing and quite easy to read. Plus, every other directory I come across uses black or blue text on a white background so, while that is a safe combination, I appreciate something a little different that isn't gaudy.

The symmetry of Aviva Directory's index page is very good. There are fourteen top-level categories, displayed in two columns. Each of its top-level categories uses two words, which are combined with an ampersand.

The different parts of the directory's index page are separated by a line in something like a black olive or battleship gray color, although not specifically either of these. As a guy, I only know eight colors, so I have to use a color chart to get beyond shades of one of these eight.

Beneath the main menu of top-level categories is a section for "Readings," which lead to articles and blog entries on a variety of topics, many of them having to to with directories and online business start-ups.

To the right of the main menu is the search bar and a section for "Tools." There is only one tool available at the moment, allowing someone to view their site as the Google bot sees it. I am guessing that someone is redoing this area, as I believe there were additional items there the last time I reviewed the directory.

Along the footer are links to other pages of the domain, including an "About" page, a contact page, testimonials, and information about the directory's affiliate program. Additionally, a link to its separate blog directory is included there.

The directory was named for the founder's wife, Aviva, which is Hebrew for spring. Its green design, the Aviva Girl, the butterflies, and some of its other design elements are intended to signify the spring season, and I think that it accomplishes this effectively, without being distracting. Others may disagree.

Lastly, everything fits onto one screen of the index page, and I like that in a directory.

Content - 20/25

There is quite a lot of content, although perhaps not quite as much as can be found in the Open Directory Project or Best of the Web. I allowed my Scrutiny program to run for approximately fifteen minutes, and it showed a very small percentage of bad links, and many of them referred to blog entries that referred to pages that no longer existed, rather than outgoing directory links.

Although I did not look through every category and subcategory, I paged through many of them, and found no empty categories; the fewest links that I found in any directory was three, and many have forty or more.

Intuitiveness - 18/20

Aviva Directory uses a taxonomy that appears to be unique and well thought out. Its category name choices are well considered and intuitive. There is some use of @links, although there is no use of above or below the line capabilities or related links.

Only a couple of its first-level categories have sites listed directly beneath them, and these appear to be topics that are too general to be further subcategorized.

Some of the directory's subcategories have fifty or more listed sites. For the purposes of search engine optimization, there are many who would prefer no more than twenty listed sites on a page. However, from the perspective of a directory user, I believe that this would be preferable to having multiple pages of sites beneath any one category.

Additionally, the fact that Aviva Directory does not use featured links is user friendly, since sites are listed in alphabetical order rather than having sites at the top of category lists simply because they paid to be there.

Quality - 16/20

A mixture of editing styles can be found in the directory. Many of its listed sites use sentence fragments, but many others use full sentences. Some descriptions are shorter, and less explanatory than I would like, but most are good to very good.

Some site descriptions contain mildly promotional language, unnecessary language, or which are less than descriptive. These are the worst that I came across:

Pens Xpress
Offers cheap promotional pens, business pens, custom pens and more.

Leading supplier of custom printed promotional products, promotional items, and corporate merchandise.

Archery Guy
See Al's bow collection, gadget collection, archery pin collections, calendar of upcoming events and more.

Archery History
Find out about the history of compounds, longbows, recurves, broadheads and more.

With some exceptions, Aviva Directory uses site titles that reflect the actual title of the site, and I didn't come across any that were key-worded beyond the words that are actually found in the title. I came across some titles that consisted of a domain name, which is not my preference, but, in each case, the site itself used its domain name as a title.

Clearly, submitted sites are subjected to editorial review, as most site titles and descriptions are at least reasonable, and I have seen very few sites that are obviously misplaced.

It is also evident that the directory employs editors who seek out content to add to the directory, as it contains several sites that are unlikely to have been paid submissions, and because its regional categories are well developed, with some exceptions.

Usefulness 19/25

The directory includes sufficient content to be useful to a directory user. This content is categorized well and, for the most part, site titles and descriptions are accurate and descriptive.

In every category that I visited, there was a category description, and many of these were very good: descriptive and lengthy enough to serve as content for the directory, as well as providing information to directory users.

The directory's site search works fairly well on one-word searches but when more than one word is entered into the search box, the search results include categories and sites that contain either of these words, whether or not the search phrase is enclosed in quotation marks, and seemingly without preference for exact matches.

Apart from the directory's outgoing links, it contains several articles on an eclectic array of topics, most of which are well written, unique, and potentially useful to site visitors, as well as providing content to the directory.

Extra Credit - 1

I am giving the directory one extra credit point for its articles and blog content, which add value to the site beyond that of its outgoing directory links.

Overall Rating - 83%

Upon assessment of the Aviva Directory on Saturday, August 17, 2013 , I have assigned it a rating of eighty-three percent.


Aviva Directory is a solid web directory. In the time that it has been online, it has surpassed many web directories that have been around longer than it has, and deserves its place among the more reliable web directories on the Internet.


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