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Aviva Directory was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org on Sunday, May 25, 2014.


Established in 2005, Aviva Directory has a Moz Domain Authority of 62/100, a Page Authority of 68/100, Page MozRank of 6.52, and Page MozTrust of 5.97. Its Majestic SEO Trust Flow is 55, and its Citation Flow is 43.

The review fee for submissions to Aviva is $49.95 per year or a one-time payment of $149.95. Up to five hundred characters are allowed in a site description. The submission of inside pages are permitted.

During my evaluations of web directories for Web Directory Reviews Org, I view each directory from the perspective of a directory user, rather than that of a website owner or search engine optimization professional, and each directory is rated in five areas: aesthetics (10%), content (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), and usefulness (25%), allowing up to five additional points for useful features beyond those covered in other areas of my assessment.

Each calendar quarter, twenty web directories are reviewed, including the ten most highly ranked directories from the previous quarter and ten additional directories.

Aviva Directory has been among our top ten directories since I began our series of web directory reviews, coming in #4 in the first quarter of 2013, #1 in the second and third quarters, #2 in the fourth quarter, and #3 in the first quarter of 2014, so this will be my sixth review of Aviva Directory.

Over this time, my criteria has changed between quarters and, and Aviva has made changes in its directory over the time that I have been publishing reviews, but so have some of the other reputable web directories.

Aesthetics - 9/10

Using a dark background is a brave choice to make in a website, perhaps because it is most often done badly, but I don't believe that this is the case with Aviva Directory. For one thing, its background is not black, but a couple of shades of gray, and Aviva uses green and white text, which reads comfortably against its background.

Through the use of a green header and text, as well as the "Aviva Girl," the directory sets a theme of spring, "aviva" being Hebrew for that season.

The directory's fourteen upper-level categories are sorted in two columns of seven, each consisting of two words joined by an ampersand, with direct links, to four subcategories within each, listed below each upper-level category.

Introduced shortly before my last review, links to featured articles are presented, quite attractively, between the header and the main menu. Color-coded, in association with directory categories, four different articles are presented each time the index page is refreshed. Since it was first introduced a few months ago, the number of featured articles has grown considerably, and they are unique to Aviva Directory.


To the right of the main menu, Aviva's regional and blog directories are highlighted, as well as its selection resource writings, which includes a regularly updated best web directories list, a blog, and informational articles on a variety of topics.

There is no third-party advertising within any of its directory pages, and the only advertising that I have seen on the domain is found in the right sidebar of its best web directories list, which highlights a few other reputable web directories.

I'm giving it nine out of ten points, but I'm not sure what they could do to make it nicer.

Content - 21/25

In order to determine a comparative idea as to the size of a directory, I scan it with a program called Scrutiny, which counts the number of links on a domain and flags any that are bad. Scrutiny includes every link that it finds though, and doesn't differentiate between outgoing directory links and internal navigation links, or other types of links on the domain, so it's not an exact number; still, it is useful for comparing one directory to another.

Scrutiny is aggressive so, in order to avoid crashes, I limit the number of links that it looks for to four hundred thousand, and I have evaluated some directories that have topped out at that number.

Scrutiny found 138,242 links in Aviva Directory, and found very few bad ones. Additionally, I have browsed through several of the directory's categories and subcategories and haven't found any empty ones; there were e few with only one or two sites, but that's okay, and most had well over five.

Intuitiveness - 17/20

The taxonomy of Aviva Directory is unique and intuitive, using a solid category structure that is generally adhered to. Although there is no use of above or below the line features, @links are used when necessary.

Site listings are displayed in alphabetical order. Larger categories are displayed on one page, although most of its larger pages are subdivided into subcategories. There are no empty categories, as far as I can see, and sites are generally placed in appropriate categories.

Its search feature displays both sites and categories that match the search term or terms entered, although greater accuracy is achieved in searches using only one word.

Quality - 17/20

A large majority of the sites listed in Aviva Directory were added to the directory by its editors, rather than through paid submissions, and even its paid submissions are evaluated for quality, and both titles and descriptions are modified when indicated.

There are certainly listings within the directory that use the sentence fragment model, but there are several that use full, grammatically correct, sentences. Some of its site descriptions are brief, but most are descriptive, and I haven't come across any that were really bad. The directory is mostly free of promotional language, misspellings, or poor grammar, except as noted above.

Titles are the actual title of the site, with few exceptions, although I have come across a few listings that use the domain name as a title.

Every category has a description, and most of them are fairly descriptive, although I'd like to see longer descriptions. Some of its descriptions, such as in its Luminaries section, include links to other related categories.

The directory withstood a scan by Scrutiny without trouble, and there were very few bad links.

Usefulness - 21/25

While not as large as some of the directories in our top ten, and even some that didn't make it into our top ten, Aviva Directory has enough content to be useful as a web directory. Established in 2005, Aviva Directory hasn't been around as long as most of the much larger directories that I have looked at, but it is on the right track.

Its content is largely of good quality, well arranged, and accessible. Several months ago, Aviva improved its in-site search so, with good titles and descriptions, sites are easily found through its search as well.

Aviva Directory does not offer preferential place of sites, and sites are sorted alphabetically, which makes sense for users browsing its categories. Additionally, while the SEO value of a category might be greater when a directory automatically splits categories into multiple small pages, directory users seldom look beyond page one or two, so Aviva's policy of displaying every site in a category on one page enhances the user experience.

Its category descriptions are short, as compared to Jasmine Directory or a few others, but they are longer and more descriptive than most of the directories that I have looked at, many of which had no category descriptions at all.

Its regional categories are full-featured, and constantly being improved upon, and I haven't found any empty categories anywhere in the directory.

Extra Content - 2

Several of the categories in the Aviva Directory feature articles that give additional information about the category, as well as pointing to related categories. These articles may be accessed randomly from the directory's index page, or within those categories that include them. Some of these articles function as an extended description, while others focus on one particular topic related to the category.

Aviva Directory includes an active blog directory, which currently accepts free submissions. Like the main directory, Aviva Directory editors are constantly adding content to its blog directory, as well as reviewing submitted blogs.

Overall Rating - 87%

Upon my evaluation of Aviva Directory, I have assigned it a rating of eighty-seven percent.


There are older and larger directories, but Aviva Directory is growing every day, and has earned its place among the reputable web directories in the industry.


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