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After evaluation of the Aviva Directory on Sunday, November 3, 2013, I have given it a rating of eighty percent.


Aviva Directory has been in our top ten since we began evaluating web directories in January of this year. During our first quarter, it came in #4, moving up to #1 for the last two quarters. During the first quarter, we were trying to evaluate web directories from multiple perspectives, but in the second, third, and fourth quarters, we have been basing our reviews on the perspective of a directory user. Each quarter, however, our assessment criteria has been modified, at least slightly, if not significantly. This quarter, for example, we will be relying more highly on actual numbers for our assessment of a directory's content, using a full scan by a program called Scrutiny.

Established in February of 2005, the Aviva Directory is not as old as other directories in our top ten, although it's not the youngest either. It has earned a place among the more respected directories, however.

Its index page has a Google PageRank of five. Second-tier pages have a PageRank of four, and third-tier pages have a PageRank of three, while deeper pages range from zero to two. Its Moz Domain Authority is 67/100 and the Page Authority of its index page is 73/100. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 11,811, and its SEMRush Rank and SEMRush Search Traffic are 968,423 and 134 respectively.

The Aviva Directory has had 18 Twitter tweets, 3 Google+ clicks, 4 Facebook likes, and 432 StumbleUpon stumbies.

Its submission fees are $49.95 per year or $149.95 for a permanent listing. Within the category, listings are arranged alphabetically, and up to five hundred characters are permitted in a site description.

Our ratings are based, not on metrics, but on an evaluation of the directory from the perspective of a directory user. We will be looking at five general areas, with some overlapping. They are aesthetics (10%), content (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), and usefulness (25%).

Aesthetics - 9/10

The Aviva Directory has maintained the same design for quite awhile and I think that it's effective. Its green or white text on a black or smoke-gray background is easy on the eyes, while being a change from the black or blue text on a white background that is seen in so many other directories.

Its fourteen upper-level categories are arranged in two columns, with plenty of space between them, and the directory's category name choices are two words separated by an ampersand, used consistently for a symmetrical appearance of its main menu. Four subcategories are listed beneath each upper-level category, but none require wrapping to a separate line.

The Aviva Directory also includes a blog directory, which is linked from the footer, but that will be considered a separate entity, except as it adds content to the directory's pages.

Content - 16/25

During my fourth-quarter evaluations, I am allowing my Scrutiny program to scan up to 200,000 links, so as to get a clearer idea of the number of listings a directory has, for the sake of comparison. However, it found only 115,117 links on the Aviva Directory. This did not include its blog directory, but navigational links are included in this number. 3,092 links were identified as bad, but approximately half of these were timeouts, which I don't consider in my evaluations, so just over .01 of its links were flagged as bad.

The number of links in the Aviva Directory is not as large as I had previously considered, perhaps because its category structure is deep, and with no empty categories.

Intuitiveness - 18/20

The taxonomy of the Aviva Directory is unique, in that it does not appear to have been used elsewhere, yet it is intuitive, with no redundant categories that I have come across. The directory makes minimal, but effective, use of @links.

I did not come across any sites that appeared to have been misplaced, and the fact that the Aviva Directory does not use featured links is a plus for directory users, as sites are not given prominence simply because site owners have paid for a prominent position.

Additionally, the directory uses category descriptions that are reasonably informative and always relevant to the category topic.

There are no empty categories to frustrate or waste the time of the directory user. Some of its categories contain in excess of fifty listings, all on one page, which is more than some will prefer for reasons of search engine optimization but, from the perspective of a directory user, this is preferable to having to page through multiple pages of listings.

Quality - 17/20

The past several months have seen noticeable improvements in the quality of the Aviva Directory's site descriptions. While there are still many that utilize the brief, sentence-fragment model, I am more informative descriptions that are formed in grammatically correct sentences. Each of the bad examples that I published in my last review have been corrected, so it is clear that there is an effort to improve the appearance of the directory.

Nevertheless, there is more work to be done. For example:

Brick Red
An offshore software development outsourcing company with strong technical team and a proven track record Offshore Outsourcing, Software Outsourcing

Computer Repairs Brisbane
Professio1nal Brisbane based developer specializing in PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.

The home of science experiments, projects and technology resources and mathematics puzzles.

Black Eagle
Company stocks a wide range of martial arts supplies and equipment from Adidas to BJJ, Judo to Taekwondo, and everything in between.

Covers the latest in the world of mixed martial arts and UFC. Includes the latest breaking news, rumors, fighter interviews, rankings, photos, audio and more.

There are also quite a few that use domain names in lieu of titles, although many of these are of sites who use their domain name as a title.

Significantly, it is clear that the Aviva Directory exercises editorial discretion in its listings, and that it employs editors who seed categories with useful content, as the directory includes several sites that are unlikely to have been submitted.

Usefulness - 20/25

While not as large as some of the other directories in our top ten, the Aviva Directory is an active directory that includes sufficient content to be useful to a directory user. Directory listings are categorized appropriately and, for the most part, site titles and descriptions are informative.

Category descriptions are used appropriately and, new to Aviva, are articles that are published within some of its categories, such as its paranormal and history categories. Apart from being entertaining, these articles point to other pages of the directory.

Additionally, the directly includes a blog directory, in a separate domain. While it is to be considered a separate directory, for the purposes of this evaluation, it does reside on this domain, and is accessible from the directory's footer links, so it provides additional useful content.

The Aviva Directory includes additional content besides its directories, such as a listing of best web directories, information about domaining, Internet marketing, and other business topics, as well as webmaster tools, and articles on a variety of subjects.

Overall Ranking - 80%

After evaluation of the Aviva Directory on Sunday, November 3, 2013, I have given it a rating of eighty percent.


The Aviva Directory is an active, growing, and solid web directory. It is well organized and improving every month. The slight decrease in its rankings this quarter, as compared to last quarter, were the result of a more accurate assessment of the amount of the directory's content, and does not reflect a diminution in the quality of its content.


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