On February 26, 2013, I reviewed the Directory@v7n, and awarded sixty-four of a possible one hundred points.
Web Directory Review of: Directory@v72

Aesthetics - - 4/5

I like it. The design is simple yet, I think, elegant might be a fair word to use. The colors of its front page go well together without being flashy, and it all fits onto one screen, which I always appreciate. As I have done before, my one suggestion would be to make its top-level categories each one word, for the sake of symmetry. As it is, twelve of fourteen top-level categories consist of one word, so it would be easier to remove words from four than to add them to twelve. I would suggest "Government" rather than "Government and Politics," "Business" rather than "Business and Services," Health" rather than "Health and Fitness," and "News" rather than "News and Media." That's a small thing however, and it doesn't detract much from the attractiveness of the directory's main page.

Taxonomy - 5/10

The top-level categories of the Directory@v7 are familiar, but functional. Its category structure doesn't go very deep but neither am I seeing an abundance of listings in any one category that would indicate the need for further subcategorization.

Quality Control - 6/10

I didn't look through ever category, obviously, but I didn't come across any listings that were obviously misplaced. Titles and descriptions are reasonable. The directory uses sentence fragments rather than full sentences, but that has become an industry standard so I don't grade down for that. Several descriptions are a bit on the skimpy side, and an inordinate number of them begin with a variant of the word, "Offers." Category descriptions consist of only a few words. Overall though, it is clear that submissions are reviewed before being accepted into the directory, and it is also obvious that categories have been seeded rather than left empty waiting for submissions.

Maintenance - 7/10

Browsing many of the directory's categories, I found no empty categories, nor did I find any dead sites. As compared to larger directories, however, there's not as much to maintain.

Google Page Rank - 5/10

The Google Page Rank of the Directory@v7n is 4. Some second-level categories have no page rank, while others have retained a page rank of 3. Thus, by my assessment criteria, I am adding one point to the Google Page Rank of the directory's main page.

Alexa Traffic Rank - 5/5

The Alexa Traffic Rank of the directory is 3,221. While it helps that Alexa derives its page rank from the main domain rather than from the subdomain, that is what we have.

SEO Ranking 3/5

The SEMRush Rank for the Directory@v7n is 32,466, while its SEMRush Search Traffic is 17,010. Its Majestic SEO back link number is 6,291,206. Google has indexed 20,100 of its pages.

On a search of "web directory" on Google, Bing and Yahoo, the Directory@v7n doesn't show up in the first ten pages of the search engine results.

Directory Content - 4/10

There is not a whole lot of listings in the directory. While each of its categories are well maintained, and there are no empty categories that I have come across, neither is there enough content to truly be useful to someone looking for information.

SEO Content - 7/10

Because the Directory@v7n resides on a subdomain of, a Web Development Company, it receives the benefit of traffic coming to the main domain, and the large amount of content that is available there. Additionally, v7n hosts an SEO blog, a scripts directory, and an active webmaster forum, all of which produces content that being human and spider traffic.

The rich content to be found in the overall domain will eventually do much for the page rank (or whatever comes after page rank) for the larger domain. If more of that content were to find its way into the category trees, some of that juice might find its way down to the pages where the listings reside. Longer category and site descriptions, with unique content, might achieve that.

Cost for Review - 8/10

The cost for submissions is a one-time fee of $49.95.

Reputable Practices - 10/10

I don't see anything to suggest disreputable practices.

Extra Credit - 0/10

There is much good to be said about the Directory@v7n, but it has all been covered in other criteria items.

Overall Rating - 64/100

I am giving the Directory@v7n sixty-four out of a possible one hundred points. Anyone who has been following my reviews will be aware that the current criteria tends to grade low, in that a score in that most of the good directories score in the sixties.


For what there is, the Directory@v7n is a well maintained web directory. There has been some seeding of categories but, in my opinion, this is not enough to make the directory useful to anyone wanting to use a directory to find something. I wouldn't be at all ashamed to have one of my websites listed here, but I wouldn't come here looking for something on the Internet.


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