The directory was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews on February 22, 2014.

This will be our first review of, a directory that has been around only since 2006, but which shows up on some listings of top directories. It is part of a network of more than thirty directories. is a topical directory whose index page has a Google PageRank of four, although I haven't found any of its internal pages with rank. Its Moz Domain Authority is respectable, at 62/100, while its index page has a Page Authority of 57/100. The Alexa Traffic Rank of is 29,548, and its SEMRush Rank is 1,640,392. The directory has 61 StumbleUpon stumbies, 33 Google+ clicks, 22 Facebook likes, and one Twitter tweet.

Although one of its options is referred to as a "free link," a fee is required for each of the directory's submission options. Its "free link" option costs $3 per year, its "regular link" options is $9 a year, and a "featured link" is $25 per year. Other options include a listing in ten of its directories for $55 a year, or a featured link in ten directories at a cost of $105 per year.

Each quarter, Web Directory Reviews Org reviews twenty web directories, with the top ten from the previous quarter competing against ten additional directories. The focus of our evaluation is from a directory user perspective, reviewing and rating each directory in five general areas: aesthetics (10%), content (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), and usefulness (25%).

Aesthetics - 5/10

The directory's color scheme is blue or black text on a white background. Its pages include a fairly narrow center working area and two sidebars.

Its main menu consists of fifteen top-level categories, arranged in two columns of eight and seven, borrowing its taxonomy from the Open Directory Project, except at least they didn't colorize the Kids and Teens category.

The left sidebar includes information relating to the directory's SEO bragging rights, as well as links to some webmaster tools, one of them being a site builder. That appears to be a third-party advertisement but it may be in-house.

The right sidebar names the other directories in the directory network, along with their PageRank. Like the SEO data included in the left sidebar, not all of the statistics are current. Below the directory network listings are the directory's latest listings and site statistics.

Most of the information provided, apart from the directory's main menu, is related to search engine optimization, and designed to highlight the directory's SEO benefits rather than what it may have to offer a directory user.

The directory's internal pages are set up similarly, with subcategories arranged in two columns, and the same content included in its sidebars. Site listings are included beneath the subcategory menu, when applicable.

Overall, it's not a bad design. Personally, I prefer not having to scroll in order to access the main menu, and the orientation of the directory is vertical rather than horizontal, which is not my preference.

Content - 12/25

Before reviewing a directory, I run a scan on its content using either Scrutiny or Integrity, either of which will give me an idea as to the number of links that are included. It's not a hard number, as neither of these programs will differentiate outgoing directory links from navigational or other internal links, and, this quarter, I have been stopping my scan at 400,000.

Integrity found 11,190 links, and identified only 455 of these as being bad. There were a few timeouts or other errors that do not necessarily point to a bad link but most of them were bad outgoing category links. However, while 11,190 links does not point to a large directory, the percentage of bad links is pretty low.

According to the directory's published statistics, it has 18,607, which is about seven thousand more than I found on a scan, but some of the other statistical data is incorrect so I'll go with my scan.

The directory's category structure is not very deep, but I haven't come across any empty categories. I haven't looked through every category, of course, but I've viewed enough of them to determine that there are not very many, if any, empty categories.

Intuitiveness - 10/20

As I mentioned earlier, the directory borrowed, at least, its top-level categories from the Open Directory Project, although its subcategory structure is not nearly as deep.

Its subcategory names are easy enough to figure out, although some of its categories could use some further subcategorization, as I am seeing as many as twenty pages of site listings beneath some of them, which does not make it easy to find anything by browsing.

There is on use of @links, above or below the line features, or related links.

Quality - 10/20

It appears to me that site titles and descriptions are accepted into the directory as they have been submitted, as I am not seeing any editorial standards in evidence. For example, here are a few listings, chosen at random from various categories, but including only the listed title and description:

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As you can see from the examples above, site descriptions are truncated within the category, with the remainder of the description available on a details page. There is nothing else on the details page, however, except for another link to the listed site.

Usefulness - 10/25

The directory does not have enough content to be particularly useful, and much of what is there might be difficult to find, with multiple pages of uncategorized site listings.

There are no category descriptions, and too many of its site titles and descriptions are less than descriptive. Its in-site search works pretty well but, since it searches site titles and descriptions, its effectiveness is limited to the quality of site titles and descriptions.

Overall Ranking - 47%

On the basis of my evaluation of the directory on February 22, 2014, I have rated it at forty-seven percent.


The directory includes a blog, for which I might give it an extra content point, but I am not seeing any recent activate in its blog.


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