I reviewed the GoGuides web directory on February 1, 2013, and assigned a rating of sixty-nine out of a possible one hundred to it.
Web Directory Review of: GoGuides

Touting itself as the spam free web search, the GoGuides directory was created by former Go Guides in 2001, after the popular volunteer-driven web directory, Go.com, discontinued its directory on short notice.

Aesthetics - 4/5

The GoGuides web directory has a clean, simple look, one that is easy on the eyes, and with little or nothing to distract from its primary resource, which is the directory itself.

Taxonomy - 9/10

The taxonomy of the GoGuides directory is unique and effective. While I noted a few taxonomical quirks that I would change, they are more a matter of personal preference than of a flaw on the part of the GoGuides directory.

Overall, GoGuides has developed a unique and intuitive category structure that is both attractive and useful.

Quality Control 7/10

Browsing through the GoGuides categories, I was impressed. I found a few titles that were domain names rather than titles, which is a personal peeve of mine.

When I find that the site itself uses its domain name as a site title, I can accept the practice, although I still feel that it detracts from the appearance of site listings. However, I found some where that was not the case.

For example, one listing was entitled, "Cgonline.com" when the web site itself uses the title, "Computer Games Magazine".

Many of its site descriptions were on the skimpy side, but better than many other directories that I have looked at. The directory uses sentence fragments rather than full sentences as a standard, but that is the common practice in web directories.

However, I found no site listings that were misplaced and the majority of its titles and descriptions were appropriate and useful, using enough keywords and phrases to be helpful but not so many as to detract from the appearance of the directory listings.

Maintenance - 8/10

I found no dead links, and I noticed something that was very nice indeed. To the left of each site listing is a small green graphic, representing a recycle container. When you click on it, a recycle form pops up asking the user to report the site if it has a broken link, if it is in the wrong topic, has an incorrect description, is spam, or has some other problem. I have never seen anything like this in a directory before, but I like it - it gives the directory user the opportunity to help keep the directory clean.

I did find several empty categories, mostly in categories representing cities and towns in the directory's Local, Regional & World category.

From the perspective of a directory owner, this might be viewed as an incentive for someone to submit a site to these categories, as people will seldom submit to categories that aren't there. However, as a directory user, it can be frustrating to click into empty categories.

Google Page Rank - 6/10

The Google Page Rank of the GoGuides main page is a 5. At the second level, most of the categories drop to a GPR of 4, and some of its categories retain the 4 at the third level, while others lost page rank altogether at the fourth level.

According to my evaluation criteria then, I am adding one point to the directory's main page GPR.

Alexa Traffic Rank - 2/5

The Alexa Traffic Rank of the GoGuides directory is 59,566.

SEO Ranking - 2/5

Its SEMRush Rank is 1,479,492, SEMRush Search Traffic is 83, and the Majestic SEO back links number is 745,045. Google has indexed 4,800 of its pages.

On a search of "web directory", GoGuides doesn't show up in the first ten pages of results in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Directory Content - 6/10

The GoGuides web directory contains a good number of useful sites, although not nearly as many as Best of the Web or the Aviva Directory.

The indications are that GoGuides employs a staff of paid or volunteer editors who add quality sites to the directory, seeding its categories and improving the quality of the directory.

SEO Content - 2/5

GoGuides features a Resources section that links to what appears to be only the best webmaster content, including external links as well as ones that link to internal pages of the GoGuides directory, which can bring page rank deeper into its category structure.

Cost for Review - 8/10

GoGuides offers easy and express submit options, both one-time payments.

The express submit option requires that the site be submitted to an appropriate category. Sites submitted through the express submit option require payment of a one-time fee of $39.99 for permanent listings.

The easy submit option costs $69.95. For the extra thirty dollars, it appears that the GoGuides staff will locate the appropriate category for your site and, once accepted, it will be permanently locked so that only the GoGuides staff can edit the listing. The easy submit option is also 100% refundable if declined, and it is processed within 24 hours.

Its terms and conditions, as well as submission guidelines are well written and clear.

Reputable Practices - 10/10

I see nothing to suggest misrepresentation on the part of the GoGuides directory.

Extra Credit - 5/10

Listings in the GoGuides web directory are rated by reviewing editors, who assign a rank to each web site, represented by little people graphics.

Listings with a three-people ranking will appear first in alphabetical order by title. Those with a two-people ranking will appear second alphabetically by title, and those with a one-person ranking will appear third, while those without ranking will appear last in the topic in alphabetical order by title.

Ranking reviews may be requested through the recycle box discussed earlier.

There is an option by which non-profit sites may be added to the directory without charge.

Overall Rating - 69/100

The GoGuides web directory was evaluated, and a score of sixty-nine out of a possible one hundred was assigned.


The GoGuides web directory is a credit to the industry.

A score of sixty-nine out of a possible one hundred points may not sound very good, but please keep in mind that this is my first round of directory reviews, and the evaluation criteria will be tweaked before I begin a second round. Of the directories that I have evaluated thus far, the GoGuides directory has scored the highest.


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