The ISOOSI web directory was reviewed for Web Directory Reviews on February 26, 2014.


Every quarter, Web Directory Reviews Org evaluated twenty web directories, including the top ten from the previous quarter and ten additional directories. This will be our first review of the ISOOSI web directory.

ISOOSI is more than a web directory, and we'll discuss some of its other features, although our evaluation will be focused on the web directory.

The ISOOSI Research Engine and web directory first appears in the Internet Archive on October 5, 2013, making it very new in the industry, but its staff has been very active, in marketing as well as building up the web directory.

While our ratings will be based on an evaluation of the directory from a user perspective, we'll look at some other things as well.

The Google PageRank of the ISOOSI index page is four, but the web directory page itself has a PageRank of zero, which is not surprising given the young age of the directory. Its Moz Domain Authority is 38/100, the Page Authority of its index page is 48/100, and the Page Authority of its directory page is 39/100. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 14,012.

ISOOSI has had 4,501 Google+ clicks, 11,519 Facebook likes, 1,620 Twitter tweets, and one StumbleUpon stumbie.

Submissions to the directory are fee-based. A one-time fee of $67 is required for its Basic Plan, which pays for an editorial review within three to four weeks. For a one-time payment of $97, its Business Plan offers an editorial review within seventy-two hours and, if accepted, the site will receive a thumbnail image, social media integration, a featured category ad, and ISOOSI social promotion. ISOOSI's Pro Plan costs $147, as a one-time payment, then $50 a month after thirty days. Intended for webmasters, Pro sites receive all of the advantages of a Business listing, plus it allows multiple sites to be submitted for review.

In our reviews, directories are rated according to their value to directory users, not by their value to site submitters or search engine optimization professionals.

Directories are evaluated in five general areas: aesthetics (10%), content (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), and usefulness (25%). The criteria used to evaluate the directory is published on our site, including archived criteria for past quarters.

Aesthetics - 6/10

The main page of ISOOSI highlights its web directory, which is the focus of this review, as well as its marketing blog and research engine. The color scheme of the ISOOSI index page utilizes black text on a white background, while its navigation bar and footer are blue, with white text. This carries over into its internal pages as well, although orange and blue text is also used.

On its directory page, ISOOSI's main menu consists of fifteen upper-level categories arranged in three columns of five categories each, with nine subcategories listed beneath each upper-level category.

Although it upper-level category names are a mixture of one word, two words, and two words separated by an ampersand, a sense of symmetry is achieved by placing each top-level category in a separate block, and separating one from the other with white space.

Internal pages include third-party advertising, including Google AdSense

Content - 22/25

The ISOOSI web directory claims over ten million categorized links. I don't know how many listings are included in the directory itself, but I have set Scrutiny to stop at 400,000 links, and it did top out at that level.

Of the 400,000 links that were included in the Scrutiny scan, 3,240 were flagged as being bad. These included some timeouts and other errors that may not actually represent bad links, but the majority of them were 404 errors. Still, this is a low percentage of bad links.

Intuitiveness - 16/20

The upper-level categories of ISOOSI are the same as the Open Directory Project, with slight name changes. Its subcategories are very much like that of the ODP as well. Where applicable, subcategories are separated by type, much like the over and above the line features utilized by the Open Directory Project. Related Categories are also in use.

Its Research Engine is a search engine that includes ISOOSI directory results, as well as Google, Bing, Images, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, News, Amazon, and Jobs, allowing users to switch from one resource to another. Its search feature returns not only results from the web directory, but also sites that have been indexed by its crawler.

Quality - 9/20

ISOOSI directory listings generally utilize sentence fragments rather than grammatically correct sentences and, while some of them are quite good, many of them are not, and some have no titles or descriptions. Titles often include keywords not found in the actual title of the site.

I am not sure how the directory was developed, but ISOOSI has assembled a large number of site listings in a short amount of time. Browsing its categories and subcategories, it appears that many of its listings were added to the directory through automated processes that did not involve human interaction. In fact, some of its listings have checkmarks preceding the link, indicating that they were ISOOSI Reviewed Links, but many of these are very bad.

Below, I am including a few examples of site listings taken from various categories within the ISOOSI web directory.

Accor’s recruitment and career web site
Accor’s Recruitment and career, web site proposes jobs and traineeships, to candidates with or without qualifications in the Hotel and Service industries throughout the world.

Chuck E. Cheese - Company Info - Employment
Chuck E. Cheese Company Info Employment

Alan Coxon :: TV Chef :: Presenter :: Author :: Broadcaster :: Fo...
Established by BBC TV chef Alan Coxon. Includes company background, profile and latest recipes, current vacancies throughout the UK, and CV registration.
ISOOSI Reviewed Link:

Aston Recruitment and Training Ltd
Description here

Dixie Search Associates
The corporate website of Dixie Search Associates

Consumer Direct
ISOOSI Reviewed Link:

Consumer Watchdog: Home
Consumer Watchdog. Expose. Confront. Change.
ISOOSI Reviewed Link: Safe Kids Chat Rooms - Fun Games for Girls and Boys ...
Kids games, chat rooms for kids, virtual worlds for kids, virtual gardens for kids, plant babies, safe site for kids - KidsCom, fun site for kids.

Kids chat room service: KidChatters provides kid chat rooms for a...
monitored kid chat room for kids ages 9 to 12.
ISOOSI Reviewed Link:

ISOOSI Reviewed Link:

If, as I suspect, ISOOSI has achieved a large amount of content through the use of automated processes, the downside is that many of the site titles and descriptions associated with these listings are of poor quality.

On the plus side of quality, the ISOOSI directory was able to withstand scanning by Scrutiny, which can be very aggressive.

Usefulness - 17/25

With more than four hundred thousand links, the ISOOSI web directory has enough content to be useful to a directory user and, from what I can see from browsing its categories, sites seem to be listed in appropriate categories.

The directory's in-site search feature works very well, although it includes content found through its proprietary spider, as well as listings that have been reviewed by human editors.

Site descriptions are often insufficient and sometimes missing altogether. When I first reviewed this directory, I found no category descriptions. Since then, it has been pointed out to me that many of its categories do indeed have descriptions. Although some are very brief, others are reasonably informative.

Extra Content - 2

The ISOOSI Research Engine allows its users to search several different resources, as well as the directory itself. Supplementing its web directory, ISOOSI also crawls the web, adding listings to its index automatically.

Additionally, ISOOSI includes a URL shortener, an affiliate program, and an active marketing blog.

Overall Rating - 72%

On the basis of my evaluation of February 26, 2014, I have rated the ISOOSI web directory at seventy-two percent.


Although ISOOSI first appears in the Internet Archive as a web directory in October of 2013, ISOOSI claims to have been crawling the web for over a decade. Indeed, the domain was archived as early as 2002, when ISOOSI appears to have been offering web design, search engine optimization, and related services, with the same management team, so they may well have developed their search engine long before launching the web directory.

However its listings were obtained, the ISOOSI directory has a great deal of content, its largest detriment being that many of them do not appear to have been reviewed by a human being. For that reason, it was rated low in quality, and lost some points in usefulness.

After this review was published, it was pointed out to me that many of the ISOOSI directory's categories do have descriptions, and that others are being added as the directory staff is able to do so. When I review a directory, I don't look at every category, so I must have clicked into those that had no category descriptions, or perhaps missed some of those that were very brief. I have adjusted my review and ratings to reflect this change.

One of the problems that are so often voiced about web directories is that they have no content other than outgoing links. Yet, category descriptions, a standard feature in most directory scripts, are too often under utilized, in my opinion, so I will always mention it when I am not seeing category descriptions. When they are lacking, the absence of a category description doesn't count for a lot, and some of the directories that have routinely found a place in our top ten have no category descriptions. However, well written and informative category descriptions are well reflected in the ratings, as I do consider that to be a significant feature.


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