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Jasmine Directory was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org on March 14 and March 17, 2014.


This will be the fifth time that Jasmine Directory has been reviewed for Web Directory Reviews Org. Each calendar quarter, twenty web directories are evaluated and rated, with the top ten directories being reviewed again the following quarter.

Jasmine Directory has been in my top ten each quarter, coming in number eight during the first quarter of 2013, number three in the second quarter, number four in the third, and number three in the fourth quarter.

For the purpose of an evaluation, directories are viewed from the perspective of a potential web directory user. Before I get to that, however, I'll report on some stuff that is not used in determining a rating, but which some people may find useful.

Google ratings are becoming less important every year, but some people still swear by them. Jasmine Directory went up one point during the last Google update, for a PageRank of six at its index page. I didn't view all of its categories but I paged through several of them. Most of Jasmine's category trees don't go further than three levels deep and, beyond the index page, each of its internal pages has a PageRank of four. At the fifth level of its regional tree, which goes deeper than its topical branches, it loses its PageRank, so it's fair to say that most of its categories have a PageRank of four or above, outside of its regional tree. That's very good, by the way.

Its Moz Domain Authority is 56/100, and the Page Authority of its index page is 63/100. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 12,234. Jasmine has had 22 StumbleUpon stumbies, 13 Twitter tweets, 94 Facebook likes, and 139 Google+ clicks.

Jasmine's submission fees are $39 for a standard listing and $79 for an express listing. Standard listings include a one hundred word unique review of the website, while an express review includes a three hundred word review, as well as up to five deep links, with express listings appearing above standard. There are no recurring fees.

As for the review itself, I'll be evaluating the directory in five general areas: aesthetics (10%), content (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), usefulness (25%), and, when warranted, up to five additional points for extra content, which is useful content not generally found in web directories.

Aesthetics - 9/10

Jasmine Directory is an attractive directory. A light blue denim background is used in the header, while the rest of the directory uses backgrounds that are white, anti-flash white, or light gray, with blue or black text, resulting in a nice contrast and easy reading.

Except for its Regional category, each of Jasmine's upper-level categories consist of two words connected with an ampersand, so its symmetry is broken by its regional category. That's a minor issue, but worth mentioning, nevertheless.

Its main menu is visible above the fold, although vertical scrolling is required in order to view some of its other content.

Jasmine Directory's internal pages are beautiful. Each of its categories has a uniquely written and informative category description, displayed to the left of the page. Where Jasmine has an article whose topic relates to the category, a synopsis of the article is displayed beneath the category description.

When available, the subcategory menu is in the right portion of the page, above the site listings.

Featured listings are listed above regular listings, but all of its listings are separated by a line and a comfortable amount of white (light gray) space. Listed sites are directly accessible from the category page.

Content - 15/25

I scanned Jasmine Directory a few days before I began my review, using Scrutiny, a Mac program that I used to get an idea of how many links a directory has. Scrutiny found 27,153 links, which includes internal links, such as navigational links. That is 4,030 more links than were found in late November, when I last scanned the directory, but it's still far less than many other directories have, some of which have in excess of 400,000 links.

Its regional tree is still sparse. Although it has improved somewhat, the number of listings in its U.S. state and Canadian province categories are in the double digits, with New Hampshire in the single digits.

Intuitiveness - 18/20

Jasmine Directory's category name choices are intuitive, supplemented by an effective use of @links and above and below the line features. Sites are placed in appropriate categories, and the directory's taxonomy makes sense.

Quality - 16/20

Jasmine Directory uses the sentence fragment model for site descriptions, rather than grammatically correct sentences. Although Jasmine uses this model better than many other directories, full sentences would be a large improvement, and the use of sentence fragments instead is the chief reason for a loss of points in this section of the evaluation.

Titles usually represent the actual title of the listed site. The directory is well organized, in that I am not seeing any misplaced sites.

Below, are a few examples from various categories within the directory.

A company incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988 and grew to be the largest PC company in China.

Joyful Aging
This is a site for people over age 50, who seek resources for healthy lifestyle choices for seniors.

Lifestyle Choices.info
This website highlights the work of lifestyle coach Vicki Richards Upchurch of Houston, Texas.

Houston Chronicle
Owned by the Hearst Corporation, the Houston Chronicle shares many of the same features as its sister sites.

Surf Guru
Gives information on surfing in Florida.

Ab Exercises
Learn correct Ab Training Form & Technique.

As you can see from the above examples, the site descriptions are not promotional or spammy, but neither are they particularly descriptive. That last one, of course, has some capitalization problems.

Below, are a couple more examples.

Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute
Institute dedicated to acquiring knowledge and funds for the proper and efficient utilization of marine and salt resources from the coast. Among their fields, we find: biosciences, chemical transformation, process engineering, environmental monitoring, separation science and analysis.

WiZZ Travel
Provides resources for travelers and tourists. The site has three main offerings: the WiZZ Travel Guide, an ambitious project to link all destination websites or local travel guides to Google maps; WiZZ Travel Plus where anybody can submit a tourism or travel related guest post; and lastly the WiZZ Travel directory is a travel directory.

The examples above show a couple of description that, while they are using the sentence fragment model, are nevertheless more descriptive. I am not suggesting that they are perfect, and I do believe that they would be improved by the use of full sentences.

Below are a couple of examples of descriptions that are not only descriptive, but which use grammatically correct sentences.

North Dakota State University
Located in Fargo, North Dakota, this public university is known for its agricultural programs. Its main campus has been enhanced with several monuments including: We Will Never Forget Memorial, Noble's Golden Marguerite, and the Bjornson Memorial Obelisk.

Granville, North Dakota 58741
Located in McHenry County, the small city of Granville was founded, largely by homesteaders, in 1900. Biographies of its early settlers and an overview of its first businesses, churches, schools and organizations are presented.

Again, I am not suggesting that these examples are perfect, but I do think that they are better. In fact, I wouldn't mind descriptions that were even longer, although they don't necessarily need to be in order to be descriptive.

Scrutiny was able to scan the entire directory without noticeable slowdown, and it flagged only 352 sites as bad, more than half of which were timeouts or other errors that do not necessarily indicate a bad listing, so that is a very low percentage of bad links.

Usefulness - 18/25

As compared to other directories in our top ten, Jasmine Directory has a pretty low number of outgoing links, but there is sufficient content for the directory to be useful, particularly due to its organization, and excellent category descriptions. The directory's in-site search also works well.

Content may be found by browsing its categories and subcategories, beginning at its main menu. Additionally, its regional tree can be accessed through an interactive world map.

Extra Content - 2

Jasmine's policy of using terse sentence fragments rather than more descriptive site descriptions are somewhat allayed by its new policy of including unique reviews (100-400 words) of suggested and approved sites, as this will add significant textual content to the directory. Business descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, and social media links may be included in site listings, as well.

Additionally, Jasmine Directory includes an active blog and other readings, on a variety of topics.

Overall Rating - 78%

On the basis of our assessment of Jasmine Directory, on March 14 and March 17, 2014, I have rated it at seventy-eight percent.


In my opinion, Jasmine Directory is on its way to becoming one of the best web directories on the Internet. It is still somewhat lacking in content but, established in 2009, it is the youngest of the directories that have found their way onto our top ten, with some of the others having had a decade or more of a head start.


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