Moo-Directory was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org on May 4, 2014.

I was scheduled to review the Web Beacon today but, noting that a renovations notice on that directory, I decided to give them some time to complete whatever it is that they are doing, and move on to Moo-Directory, which was next on the list.

Moo-Directory has a Moz Domain Authority of 57/100 and the Page Authority of its index page is 64/100. Its Page MozRank is 6.59 and its Page MozTrust is 5.98. The Majestic SEO Trust Flow of Moo-Directory is 48, and its Citation Flow is 51.

Submissions to the directory are $30 per year for a regular link, and sponsored links are $75, as a one-time payment. Sponsored links include a thumbnail image, and will appear on top of the listings.

For $199, the directory staff will write a review of the site and assign it a rating up to five points, based on its quality. Reviews are published on their own page, linked from the directory listing, and including up to two deep links to the site.

Moo-Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on August 16, 2007.

For the purpose of this review, for Web Directory Reviews Org, I will be looking at Moo-Directory from the perspective of a web directory user, not as a site submitter or search engine optimization professional.

Five areas of evaluation will include aesthetics (10%), content (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), and usefulness (25%). When warranted, up to five additional points may be awarded for extra content not otherwise covered in this evaluation.

Aesthetics - 6/10

Moo-Directory makes a good first impression, its look being professional and pleasant.

There are no third-party advertisements, although there is a prominent banner encouraging readers to "like" the directory on Facebook, as well as some other internal advertisements, which is not a problem.

The directory's main menu is centered on the page, below the header and the Facebook banner. There are seventeen upper-level categories, arranged in three columns of five each, and one column of two, with the remainder of that column taken up by a button for the directory's website reviews service, and a submission button.

Its upper-level categories are asymmetrical, consisting of mostly one-word categories, along with one two-word category (Free Stuff) and two three-word categories (Home and Garden, Kids and Teens). Each upper-level category is set apart, which minimizes the asymmetry.

The appearance of some of its internal pages is marred by subcategory names that are so long that they wrap to the next line, giving the page a disordered look.

Sponsored links are listed above regular links, and separated within a box. Sponsored links include a thumbnail image, while regular links do not.

Content - 11/25

Prior to reviewing a directory, I scan it using a program called Scrutiny, which tells me the total amount of links found on the directory's domain, and flags any that it has determined to be bad.

Scrutiny found 13,869 links on the Moo-Directory domain. This represents a count of the full number of links, including navigational and other internal links, rather than an accurate count of outgoing directory links. This is useful by way of comparison.

Moo-Directory claims 13,669 outgoing directory links

I have had to limit the number of links that Scrutiny checks to 400,000 as I have experienced crashes above that number, and several of the directories that I have reviewed have topped out at 400,000. Scrutiny found only 13.669 links on the Moo-Directory domain, 72 of which it flagged as being bad.

Additionally, I have come across several empty categories while browsing the directory's categories and subcategories.

Intuitiveness - 13/20

Moo-Directory is a general comprehensive directory, which includes a regional tree as well as a world category, where non-English sites may be added. Its upper-level category choices are familiar, and easy enough for anyone to figure out.

Some of its subcategorization is confusing though. For example, there is a subcategory for "Web Directories" under both the Computers and Internet trees, as well as "Directories" subcategories beneath Business, Kids and Teens, Reference, and Shopping.

Brief category descriptions are included for its upper-level categories, but its subcategories have no descriptions. I didn't come across any use of @links, See Also links, or above or below the line features.

The directory's search features appear to work well, as long as the search word or phrase is found within the site title or description.

Quality - 7/20

Scrutiny flagged only 72 links as bad, and at least half of them were timeouts, which may or may not have actually been bad links. I have come across titles that consisted of full sentences, complete with a period at the end, and there seems to be no imposed rules on the use of capitalization.

Below are a few examples of site titles and descriptions that I have found in various categories within Moo-Directory.

Newlook Interiors offer a wide range of fabrics suitable for all upholstery needs.
All our fully lined curtains are machine made with blind stitched hems, all curtains have weights sewn in to the seams and corners.

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Duplicate site listings are sometimes found within the same category, some with the same title and description, and others with different titles but the same descriptions.

Additionally, there appears to be no enforced standard for categorization. Sponsored sites are listed in multiple categories, and sometimes multiple times in multiple categories.

Within Moo-Directory's "United States" subcategory, within its regional tree, only two sites are listed. One of them advertises an SEO firm in Edinburgh, Scotland. The same site is listed directly under the "United Kingdom" subcategory, but with a different title and description. In fact, it has at least nine listings within the directory, with various titles and descriptions.

Usefulness - 11/25

The low number of outgoing directory links, coupled with the high number of empty categories, as well as the misplaced and duplicated site listings, detract greatly from the usefulness of the directory. To that, can be added a lack of standardization in site titles and descriptions, as well as category descriptions.

Extra Content - 1

As web directory administrators seek ways in which to add content, and to find ways in which they can increase revenue, Moo-Directory has opted to offer website reviews of listed sites, for a $199 fee. Reviews are published on a separate page, linked to from the site detail page, and may include two deep links to the site, using targeted anchor text. Payment of the $199 review fee includes a lifetime sponsored listing for the site.

Overall Rating - 49%

After evaluating the Moo-Directory on May 4, 2014, I have given it a rating of forty-nine percent.


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