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On February 9 and 10, 2013, I reviewed the R-TT Web Directory, and assigned sixty-eight out of a possible one hundred points.
Web Directory Review of: R-TT Web Directory

The R-TT Web Directory is truly unique. As the top of its page says, it is an innovative web directory, and I'll hold by this despite the fact that its category structure nearly identical to the Open Directory Project, except that R-TT has a top-level Software category, and does not have a World category.

Aesthetics - 5/5

Looking at the main page of the R-TT Web Directory, my first impression is that it doesn't look like a web directory. Digging further into its category tree, it still doesn't look like a web directory. Its site listings don't even look like site listings because, at a minimum of one hundred words, its site descriptions are practically articles.

Its first, second and third level categories include lengthy, well-written, and unique articles on each of its topics. Plus, it has an article directory and a directory of product reviews.

Talk about content! Actually, I'll be talking more about content later, when I get to the Directory Content section of my evaluation. I am mentioning it here because the entire layout, including the category and site descriptions, are attractive.

Taxonomy 4/10

For the most part, its taxonomy is borrowed from the Open Directory Project and, although it's an effective category structure, I can't give a lot of credt to those who simply borrow it.

Overall, the categorization of the R-TT Web Directory is intuitive, largely mirroring that of the ODP, but not as deep. There are some quirks, however. For example, the subcategories of its Regional/North American category are Business and Economy, Canada, Dating, Education, Georgia, Guides and Directories, Maps and Views, Massachusetts, Mexico, New Jersey, Real Estate, Recreation and Sports, Regions, Science and Environment, Transportation, Travel and Tourism, United States, and Weather.

I don't know why the U.S. states of Georgia, Massachusetts and New Jersey aren't deeper in the tree, beneath United States. There are no subcategories of United States.

Quality Control - 10/10

The R-TT Web Directory accomplishes its quality control on the front end, rather than the back. Rather than charging a fee or requiring a reciprocal link for a listing in its web directory, R-TT publishes site listings free, but with a catch. The catch is that they require a well-written unique site description, introducing the site's business, products, services or content, and that the description be a minimum of one hundred words. They also require that it be submitted to the correct category. Looking through the directory content, it is clear that this is a strategy that works for them.

Maintenance -7/10

I am running a check for bad links in the R-TT Web Directory, using a program called Scrutiny. At this time, it has checked 4,564 of 19,133 links that it has found thus far, and it has noted 280 bad links, which isn't too bad. I didn't find any bad links among the several that I clicked manually.

Google Page Rank - 5/10

The R-TT Web Directory has a Google Page Rank of 5, which is the same GPR that its main site - r-tt.com - has. Second-level directory pages have a GPR of 4, but I don't see any second-level pages that have site listings. I haven't come across any third-level pages that have page rank, and that's where the listings begin.

I am surprised at this, as I would think that the rich content provided by the R-TT Web Directory would have brought GPR further into its category structure, and perhaps it will in time.

Alexa Traffic Rank - 3/5

The Alexa Traffic Rank of the R-TT Web Directory is 31,888.

SEO Ranking - 2/5

Its SEMRush Rank is 56,229, and its SEMRush Search Traffic is 8,884. Google has indexed 83,500 of its pages, and its Majestic SEO backlink number is 3,046,041.

On a search of "web directory", the R-TT Web Directory doesn't show up in the first ten pages of results from Google. It appears near the bottom of page eight in Bing, and at the top of page ten in Yahoo.

Directory Content - 6/10

The R-TT Web directory is a good sized directory, not as large as the Open Directory Project, and probably not as large as Best of the Web or the Aviva Directory, perhaps, but its listings are mostly of good quality. Eventually, I would hope to see its category structure go quite a bit deeper, with the site listings to warrant it, but it's certainly off to a good start.

SEO Content - 5/5

As I mentioned earlier, the R-TT Web Directory is rich in content, with lengthy, well-written, unique category and site descriptions, plus its companion article and product review categories should bring some spiders in.

I should also mention that the R-TT Web Directory is a project of R-Tools Technology, which is in the business of data recovery, file repair, file undelete, and drive image services, which are discussed on its main pages.

Cost for Review - 10/10

The cost for a review of a site listing in the R-TT Web Directory is nothing. The R-TT Web Directory gets around the common problem that plagues free web directories, that being a predominance of misplaced and awful sites, with bad titles and bad descriptions, by requiring much more. I suspect that submissions that fail to meet standards are simply deleted without delay.

Reputable Practices - 10/10

There is no charge for submissions, the directory isn't asking for a reciprocal link, and there is no evidence of anything hinting at misrepresentation.

Extra Credit - 1/10

I have already credited the R-TT Web Directory with the maximum of five points under SEO Content for its content-rich pages, but I'll award them another point here, as I really think they are on to something.

Overall Rating - 68/100

Using my assessment criteria, I have evaluated the R-TT Web Directory and gave it sixty-eight of a possible one hundred points.


There are perhaps thousands of web directories on the Internet, the majority of them being little more than schemes to sell backlinks. This is not one of those. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the R-TT Web Directory.

At a time when there is talk of search engines, such as Google, banning web directory results from its SERPS, the R-TT Web Directory is unlikely to suffer that fate. Rather than selling site listings, it offers content which includes site listings, and that is precisely what a web directory is supposed to do.

I should mention here that, while a grade of 68 out of a possible 100 points doesn't sound like something to write home about, the R-TT Web Directory has actually done very well, tying for second place among the directories that I have reviewed thus far.

I submitted five sites to the R-TT Web Directory. The first three were accepted, and the last two weren't, at least not yet. Perhaps it was too many.

Once I complete the first round of web directory reviews, I will be tweaking my assessment criteria, with the goal of coming up with something that could more easily be viewed from a standard that any school child is used to, with 70 being barely passing, 80 being okay but nothing to brag about, 90 being a respectable grade, and 100 being about the best you could do.

I have recognized several flaws in my assessment criteria but the only fair thing is to evaluate each directory according to the same standard, so I will press on until I have reviewed at least thirty or forty directories, at which time I will be highlighting the top ten.

Then I will tweak my evaluation criteria before beginning round two of my assessments.


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