R-TT Web Directory

Upon evaluation of the R-TT Web Directory, using the published criteria for the 2nd Quarter of 2013, I have rated the directory at 75%.

We will be looking at the R-TT Web Directory today. Last quarter, this unusual directory was in our top ten, coming in at number three, behind the Yahoo! Directory and GoGuides Directory.

Each quarter, the top ten directories from the previous quarter will be pitted against themselves, as well as ten additional directories, so that, of the twenty directories that will be reviewed each quarter, ten of them will be reviewed for the first time.

At the end of each quarter, our assessment criteria will be evaluated, and changes will be made to the criteria when indicated. The review criteria used during the second quarter is substantially different from that used during the first quarter so, even when a directory may not have changed significantly since its last review, the assessment results may differ.

Additionally, when I am reviewing a directory that has been reviewed only a few months ago, I try to look at it fresh, so my own perspective may have changed somewhat.

During the second quarter, I will be assessing the value that a web directory might have to a directory user, rather than to a webmaster or search engine optimization professional. In other word, would there be any reason for someone to turn to the R-TT Web Directory rather than simply entering search terms into a search engine?

Although I won't be using any of the SEO statistics in determination of a rating, I will mention them for those who may be interested.

The directory itself resides on a subdomain of r-tt.com. The main directory page has a Google PageRank of 5. Its second-level categories have a PageRank that ranges from 0-4. About 93,000 of its pages have been indexed in Google. Its SEOmoz Page Authority is 70 and its MozRank is 6.60.

Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 36,441, its SEMRush Rank is 112,603, and its SEMRush Search Traffic is 3,151. The MajesticSEO is 3,117,952.

The directory has had three Twitter tweets and ten Google +1 clicks.

Now we'll move on to the review itself. There are five general areas of assessment; these are aesthetics, content, intuitiveness, quality, and usefulness.

Aesthetics - 17%

Although the top-level categories of the R-TT Web Directory are essentially the same as many other web directories, probably borrowed from the Open Directory Project, the R-TT Web Directory doesn't look at all like a web directory from its main page. As I browse through its subcategories, it still doesn't look like a web directory.

The directory's site listings begin a few levels deep. Its pages don't look like directory pages. Category descriptions are more like articles than what is generally seen in web directory category descriptions and, although there are not a lot of site listings, they are almost peripheral to the pages.

Site descriptions are long, informative, uniquely authored, and they use grammatically correct, full sentences, rather than the sentence fragments that are too often seen in web directories. Although I will mention this elsewhere as well, I am bringing it up here as well, because it does reflect positively on the aesthetics of the directory.

The R-TT Web Directory is a project of R-Tools Technology, a backup and data recovery company. As such, the directory itself is not intended to produce an income. There is no charge for submission to the R-TT Web Directory, or a requirement for a reciprocal link, but its standards and requirements are high.

The R-TT Web Directory requires a unique description that is at least one hundred words long, which means that the description must be written just for the R-TT Web Directory, rather than something taken directory from the site.

Plus, there are no misspellings or obvious grammatical errors to mar the appearance of the directory.

As far as the design goes, nothing jumps out and screams for attention. The colors are relaxing and easy to read, and the design is comfortable.

Content - 10%

There are not a lot of website listings in the R-TT Web Directory. It is necessary to go a few levels deep before any site listings can be found; and then there are often only one or two listings in a category, although several categories have multiple pages of listings. The directory includes a regional tree, but the United States section has only five listed sites.

There is a lot of content beyond the listings, and the listings that are there are of good quality. The directory's category descriptions are articles in themselves, and an article directory is included, with new articles added daily. While there is useful content, much of it does not lie in the quantity of its site listings.

Intuitiveness - 15%

The top-level taxonomy of the R-TT Web Directory is very much like the Open Directory Project, and other directories that have borrowed their category structure from the ODP, but it's an effective top-level structure, and the directory diverges from the ODP in its subcategories.

One quirk that I have come across is in its Regional/North America category. For some reason, the Georgia, Massachusetts and New Jersey categories are listed on the same level as North America, rather than within the United States category.

Directory users should have little difficulty finding their way around the R-TT Web Directory. Its structure is not very deep, and there aren't any niceties, such as @links or breadcrumbs, but it's intuitive.

There is a functional in-site search feature.

Quality - 19%

The quality of the R-TT Web Directory is very good, with very few exceptions. The R-TT Web Directory does not charge for submissions, or require a reciprocal link. The directory does demand that submissions be of high quality, and that descriptions be well written, unique, and descriptive of the submitted site. The result of this policy is that listed sites provide content for the directory, which benefits both the site owner and the directory.

I did come across a couple exceptions, however.

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The amount of our web agenda to both you and our users relies aloft the character of anniversary web website description. For this reason, all web website description submissions are subjected to accurate standards to ensure different agreeable in our web directory. Anniversary acquiescence is arrested application our centralized different agreeable checker, and if any abundant allotment of the argument already exists on addition website (including your own), it is automatically alone by our system. Our different agreeable checker does an accomplished job of audition agreeable that has been apparently altered-i.e. adding/removing punctuation (commas, spaces, dots, symbols), online writing (a, the, an), advised spelling errors-and will adios any arrant attempts to bold the system. Furthermore, anniversary web agenda advertisement description is arrested by a animal getting afterwards getting arrested by our script. Our antecedent moderators and agreeable editors anxiously analysis anniversary acquiescence to ensure that it meets the appearance and superior guidelines for our web directory. Again, this is in the best interests of all of our web agenda users. Duplicate agreeable in web website descriptions decreases the weight of your argument hotlink and the links of all added publishers on the aforementioned page. To accelerate the approval of your web website listing, amuse yield the time to call your business, account or artefact in your own words. It alone takes a few minutes, and the adjustment is a top superior hotlink after any added obligation. We animate you to use the a lot of important keywords in the appellation of your listing, as this will be the hotlink argument that credibility aback to your website.

While the description of this site is certainly long enough, it seems to have been put together by a word scrambler; but more likely, Babelfish. It makes no sense whatsoever, and I'm not sure how this one ever made it through. All I can say is that someone must have hit a wrong button.

Web directory link exchange center
Submit your website to free search engine friendly directory of quality business and personal websites organized into categories. Directory submissions are the easiest SEO optimization technique which will help increase your website’s reputation. Directory is human edited and we take in consideration only serous websites. Checking websites look, structure and content. we don`t approve sites with lots of ads, main purpose is display as many as possible ads. We are happy to exchange links with sites that have the same interests as Us. We also offer advertisers a opportunity to place their banner ads in any specific category of choice. For any question or concerns please Don`t hesitate and contact us.

In the above example, I can at least figure out what it's supposed to say, although the spelling and grammar is horrible.

These are the exceptions, and are not at all representative of the site descriptions found in the R-TT Web Directory. Most of the directory's site titles are appropriate, and descriptions are well written and descriptive, using full sentences rather than the sentence fragments seen on too many directories.

I submitted, I think, a half dozen sites to the R-TT Web Directory, and three of them were accepted. It's worth the effort because, if accepted, you can be sure that your site will not be in a bad neighborhood.

The directory's in-site search appropriate results to queries, and Scrutiny found no bad links in the R-TT Web Directory.

Usefulness - 13%

If the R-TT Web Directory had no site listings, the site would be useful for the information included in its category descriptions, and in its many useful articles and product reviews, which are superior to the space wasters that are found in so many other article directories.

While the volume of site listings found in the R-TT Web Directory does not compare to such directories as the Open Directory Project, Best of the Web, or Aviva Directory, there are enough good quality listings for the directory to be useful to end users

Extra Credit - 1

For its very active article and review directories, I am adding one point.

Overall Rating - 75%

Upon evaluation of the R-TT Web Directory, using the published criteria for the 2nd Quarter of 2013, I have rated the directory at 75%.


The R-TT Web Directory is one example of ways in which web directories can remain relevant into the future. Offering content outside of its website listings, the R-TT Web Directory is useful as a website, and its site listings are a plus.

Nevertheless, this is a web directory review and, as a web directory, more listings would increase its usefulness considerably.

Of course, the R-TT Web Directory is a project of a larger business and not intended to be a business in itself.


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