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On the basis of my review, conducted on September 7 and September 8, 2013, I have rated the directory at seventy-two percent.

The R-TT Web Directory has made it into our top ten for the last two quarters, ranking number three during the first quarter of 2013, and number seven during the second quarter, using different criteria.

Every quarter, Web Directory Reviews Org evaluated twenty web directories, ranking each of them, determining the top ten directories for the quarter. The following quarter, these directories compete with ten additional directories.

During the third quarter, we'll be using pretty much the same criteria as we used during the second, except that the values have changed. Rather than each of the assessment criteria being worth twenty percent each, during the third quarter, the aesthetics area is worth 10%, content 25%, intuitiveness 20%, quality 20%, and usefulness 25%.

The R-TT Web Directory is a comprehensive general web directory, which has been online since 2004, first appearing in the Internet Archive on November 13th of that year.

The directory is a project of R-Tools Technology, which is a backup and data recovery company. There is no charge for submissions to the directory. However, the directory sets high standards. Site descriptions must be at least one hundred words in length, and uniquely authored, which means that it must have been written specifically for the R-TT directory submission and not used elsewhere.

The index page of the directory has a Google PageRank of 5, second-level pages have a PageRank that ranges from 0-4, as do its third-level pages. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 31,646, while its SEMRush Rank and SEMRush Search Traffic is 157,686 and 2,070 respectively. The MajesticSEO is 3,213,695. The R-TT Web Directory has three Twitter tweets, nine Google +1 clicks, and two Facebook likes. Its Moz Domain Authority is 69/100.

With that out of the way, we'll move on to the evaluation itself.

Aesthetics 8/10

The R-TT Web Directory doesn't look like a directory. Although it contains the same top-level categories that are found on many other directories, the main menu is along the left sidebar of the index page, while the bulk of the page is filled with textual content, and this is true at every level of the directory except for its deepest levels, which contain only outgoing links. Even then, however, the R-TT Web Directory's outgoing link descriptions are about the best I've seen.

Site descriptions are long, they use grammatically correct sentences, and are uniquely written, and also serve as textual content. With very few exceptions, and none that I came across during this evaluation of the directory, there are no misspellings or blatant grammatical errors to mar the appearance of the directory's pages.

The directory's color choices are easy enough to read. The design is retro, although it has had this design only since the latter part of 2010. It is a simple but effective design.

The right margin includes links to articles within its article directory, as well as to service offered by R-Tools Technology, which is the company that hosts the directory. There are no third-party advertisements.

Content - 13/25

As compared to other general web directories, such as Best of the Web, Aviva Directory or GoGuides, there aren't a lot of outgoing links in the R-TT Web Directory. Although some categories have multiple pages of links, with no more than five links per page, I have come across more that have only one or a few outgoing links.

The outgoing links that are included in the R-TT Web Directory are of good quality, as are their titles and site descriptions.

Besides its outgoing links, the R-TT Web Directory's category descriptions are well-written articles in their own right, and there is a frequently updated article directory besides.

Still, as a web directory, the quantity of outgoing links is lacking somewhat.

Intuitiveness - 15/20

The R-TT Web Directory's category name choices are standard, and easy enough for anyone to follow, and the same holds true for its subcategory choices.

I pointed this out during my last assessment, but I see that nothing has changed as far as its Regional tree goes. The North American category includes, as subcategories: Business and Economy, Canada, Dating, Education, Georgia, Guides and Directories, Maps and Views, Massachusetts, Mexico, New Jersey, Real Estate, Recreation and Sports, Regions, Science and Environment, Transportation, Travel and Tourism, United States, Weather.

First, I'll point out one thing that applies to its other categories as well, which is that it would do well if it were to apply an above the line feature, or some way to separate the non-geographic from the geographic categories.

Secondly, why aren't Georgia, Massachusetts and New Jersey contained within the United States category?

Third, the Regions category includes only one site listing, and that is for a San Diego criminal defense attorney, which could be moved to a California category, if there were one, or to the United States category, if not.

The directory does use breadcrumbs to aid in navigation, and it has a functional in-site search.

Quality - 19/20

With a few exceptions, the quality of the R-TT Web Directory is very good. Rather than depending on paid or volunteer editor staff to correct poorly written submissions, the R-TT Web Directory requires submissions to be of high quality, rejecting those that don't. A few have slipped through, but the vast majority of its site listings, titles, and descriptions are of high quality.

I use a program called Scrutiny to give me an idea as to the number of bad relative to good links in a directory. The Scrutiny program is quite aggressive, and the R-TT Web Directory slowed to a crawl while it was running, so I allowed it to run for only about fifteen minutes. During that time, it had checked 19,315 links, finding only thirteen that it identified as bad, and some of these were timeouts, which may not have actually been bad. So there's a plus/minus there, as it had very few bad links, but a server that wasn't as strong as some others that I have run it on.

Usefulness - 15/25

While the R-TT Web Directory does not have a lot of listings, as compared to other general web directories that have been around for the same length of time, it does have enough to be useful to a directory user, albeit on the low side of useful, as far as its outgoing links go.

However, its informative category and site descriptions, as well as its frequently updated article directory, are useful in themselves. Its articles are obviously intended to inform real readers, unlike those in so many other directories, which are intended only for search engine spiders.

Extra Credit - 2

I am awarding two extra credit points for its active article directory and excellent category and site descriptions, and for its innovative way of maintaining quality.

Overall Rating - 71%

On the basis of my review, conducted on September 7 and September 8, 2013, I have rated the directory at seventy-one percent.


While I very much love the R-TT Web Directory, it did not rate as highly this quarter as last because the aesthetics portion is worth only ten percent, while the content portion is worth twenty-five percent, which differs from last quarter's reviews.

The R-TT Web Directory is a project of a company whose business is something else. It is not intended to be a money-making enterprise, so I don't suppose the directory employs editors to gather and add sites for the sake of content. For this reason, it is lacking in that area.


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