Viesearch was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org on Sunday, July 27 and Monday, July 28, 2014.


Established in 2004, Viesearch first appears in the Internet Archive on January 5, 2005. As a general web directory, it includes a regional category tree, as well as a variety of topical categories.

Viesearch has a Google PageRank of four, and an Alexa Traffic Rank of 12,879. Its Majestic SEO Trust Flow is 37, and its Citation Flow is 47. Its Moz Domain Authority is 61/100, the Page Authority of its index page is 67/100, its Page MozRank is 6.17 and its Page MozTrust is 6.04.

The directory accepts free submissions, reciprocal links, and paid submissions. For featured sites, category and subcategory search results will display an image preview and description of the site, and featured sites are listed above other category search results. The five newest featured sites are listed on the bottom of the directory's home page, within category pages and search results, and on a details page, at a cost of $25 per year. As a bonus, paid listings are periodically announced on the directory's Twitter feed.

For a one-time fee of $10, an express listing is a regular listing, but with an expedited review. Regular listings may be submitted for free, but are shown in Viesearch results only. With a reciprocal link, a regular listing will be shown in Viesearch results and on the directory's Friends page each time a visitor is referred to the directory through the reciprocal link.

While submitting a site via its free option, a notice appears warning that the rejection ratio of free submissions is 61%, and that there may be a long wait for a review. During my evaluation, I submitted sites using its featured, express, and free submission options. While submitting a free or express listing, I received an email offering a 20% reduction to upgrade to a featured listing. Paid listings appeared on its site immediately, while the one free submission is awaiting a review.

I have been reviewing Internet directories for Web Directory Reviews Org since January of 2013, during which I have evaluated more than seventy-five directories, and the ones that make it into the top ten are reevaluated during the following quarter, so there are some directories that I will be reviewing for the seventh time this quarter.

Although I make a point of checking on some of the more reliable SEO metrics, including some that I don't consider reliable, but which some of my readers want to know about, I don't consider these when it comes to the ratings that I assign to a directory.

I do my best to evaluate directories according to their value to a directory user, rather than a site submitter. Among the things that I will be looking for are whether or not the directory has enough content to be useful, and if it is organized in such a manner that someone might be able to find what they were looking for.

As I have other directories, I will be reviewing Viesearch in five areas, some with different values: aesthetics (10%), size (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), and usefulness (25%). On top of that, I may assign up to five extra content points for valuable features of the directory that are not otherwise covered.

Please keep in mind that, while I do my best to be objective and fair, the very nature of a review is largely subjective. I have been involved in the web directory industry since 1998, when I became a meta editor with a directory that became the Open Directory Project, and is now known as DMOZ. It has been more than a decade since I have been an editor with DMOZ, but I have worked for several other directories, both volunteer and paid, and currently operate a directory of directories. Still, while my opinions are educated ones, an opinion is only as valuable as you want it to be.

Aesthetics - 7/10

Viesearch uses a simple design, with blue and black text on a white background, the only ornamentation being its logo and a blue header bar, but it is effective. It has a pleasant, unassuming look, and I like it. Users can choose between the blue, green, pink, or orange theme.

Its main menu consists of sixteen upper-level categories, arranged in two columns of eight each. That its category names are asymmetrical is alleviated somewhat by the fact that each category is contained within a box. Beneath each upper-category are three subcategories but the varying lengths of the subcategory names results in some of them wrapping to a second line, which adds to the asymmetry of its main menu.

Its subcategory menus appear in the same manner as its main menu, with its listed sites displayed beneath, featured listings appearing first, and with a screen shot, followed by its regular listings.

There are no third-party advertisements.

Size - 25/25

As some of the directories that I review contain hundreds of thousands of links, it would be impossible for me to page through every category and subcategory of a directory, counting the links. Instead, I use a program called Scrutiny that provides me with the number of links that it finds on a directory domain, and flags the ones that it determines to be bad.

However, for very large directories, the amount of time that it would take to scan the entire directory is problematic, plus Scrutiny has been known to stall or to crash, so I limit the number of links that it scans to 500,001 links, so that I can determine whether or not a directory has more than 500,000 links.

Scrutiny does not differentiate between outgoing category links and internal links, such as navigational links, so the number that it returns, if it were to scan the entire directory, would be larger than the actual size of the directory. Still, it is useful for the sake of comparison.

Scrutiny found more than 500,000 links on the Viesearch directory, so it is among the large ones. Please see the criteria for this quarter in order to understand the scoring for this section of the review.

Intuitiveness - 14/20

Viesearch's category names and organization are familiar, and easy enough to follow. I particularly like the fact that when I do a mouseover on one of the main menu categories, all of its second-level subcategories appear in a clickable box. This makes it very easy to navigate to one of its subcategories.

Featured listings are displayed on top of each category. By default, regular site listings are displayed from the newest listing to the oldest, but users have the option to sort them by relevance, in the case of a search, alphabetically, by their popularity within the category, or by comments, like, or ratings.

Users have to be registered with the directory in order to rate or comment on sites.

I am finding quite a few sites listed in upper categories that would be more appropriately listed in existing subcategories, and it is not uncommon to find category with twenty pages of sites or more. When sites are not listed in appropriate categories, users are left confused, and very few people will page through twenty pages of listings.

I found one category with one hundred and sixty-five pages, and I don't know that this is the largest one. That particular category is in one of the directory's topical trees, but many of the sites listed on these pages would more appropriately be listed in a Regional category, if its Regional tree were categorized by geographical or governmental divisions.

Sites should be moved to appropriate categories, when they exist, and subcategories should be considered whenever the number of listings beneath anyone category becomes overly large. For example, the United States section of its Regional category contains forty pages of site listings, yet the category has not been broken up into states.

The directory accepts submissions of deep links, which is fine, except that it sometimes gets out of hand. Within its Computers and Internet category, there are thirty-seven listings to various pages of the same site, with different titles but the same description. This is not particularly helpful.


Its search feature works very well, and includes sorting options.

Quality - 10/20

Viesearch is an active directory, and one that is updated regularly. In fact, the featured site that I submitted appeared in the number one position within its "Newest Featured" section for only about a half hour before being bumped to the number two position by a newly submitted featured link, and I can see that it now occupies the number three position.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that there is any editorial control over site submissions. I believe that they are accepted into whatever category they are submitted to, and with the title and description entered into the submission form.

I do know that they appear in the directory instantly. I understand that some directories offer instant inclusion for paid listings, but its editorial staff comes along afterward to make whatever modifications might be necessary, and that's fine, since it offers instant gratification to the site submitter while maintaining the quality of the directory.

However, the listings that I am seeing throughout the directory do not appear to have enjoyed an editor's touch. I'll copy and paste a few titles and descriptions, from various categories and subcategories, below.

Arthur L. Ekrem - DCBULL - Bi-Partisan Politics - The Bull...
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Viesearch tolerated a scan by Scrutiny without difficulty, and this is not always the case; some directories have slowed considerably during a scan, and one appeared to have crashed during a scan. Scrutiny flagged only 772 links as being bad, which is pretty good for 500,000 links, and more than half of these were 301 errors that did not represent actual bad outgoing category links. Additionally, I did not come across any empty categories.

Usefulness - 15/25

As one of the largest directories on the Internet, there is certainly sufficient content for Viesearch to be useful as a web directory. Its taxonomy isn't bad, and its in-site search works very well. Its multiple sorting options are helpful, and a breadcrumb navigation is available in upper left portion of each page. The directory displays reasonably well on a smart phone, although the text size is difficult to read.

Working against the usefulness of the directory is the absence of category descriptions, a large number of misplaced site listings, and unnecessarily large categories that are badly in need of subcategorization.

Extra Content - 1

Although this is an advantage to site submitters rather than directory users, Viesearch does follow up by tweeting featured listings on a regular basis, I know, because I have had one featured listing there for a few months now.

Overall Rating - 72%

Upon my evaluation of the Viesearch web directory on Sunday, July 27 and Monday, July 28, 2014, I have rated Viesearch at seventy-two percent.


In my opinion the weakest point of the Viesearch directory is that, from appearances, there is no editorial control over site titles, descriptions, and placement. With more than 500,000 listings, I wouldn't expect anyone to modify the descriptions of currently listed sites, but it would be nice to see such a policy implemented for new listings, and perhaps working on those which appear in upper categories.

Next, and nearly on the same level, are its overly large categories, as no one can be expected to wade through hundreds of pages looking for something in a particular category. The creation of additional subcategories and a concentration on proper placement would be beneficial.

With the large number of categories and subcategories that Viesearch already has, it might be unrealistic to expect them to add long, uniquely worded category descriptions to every category, but I would suggest doing so in its upper categories, at least.

I don't know whether it will make it into our top ten this quarter, but it is in the running. Despite some significant faults, Viesearch is a useful directory, and one that I am not ashamed to have my sites listed in.


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