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The Yahoo! Directory was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org on March 20, 2014.


The Yahoo! Directory is one of the oldest and largest on the Internet, first appearing in the Internet Archive on January 17, 1999. It has also been in our top ten each quarter since we began doing reviews. During the first quarter of 2013, it was our number one directory, dropping to number four in the second quarter, number three in the third, and number six in the fourth, the differences in ranking having as much to do with changes in our evaluation criteria as anything else.

The Google PageRank of the Yahoo! Directory's index page is eight. While I have not checked each of the directory's categories, overall it seems that its secondary pages have a PageRank that ranges from six to seven, and I have come across PageRanks as high as six as far down as seven category levels.

The Moz Domain Authority of the Yahoo! Directory is 100/100, while the Page Authority of its main directory page is 88/100, and its Alexa Traffic Rank is 4.

The Yahoo! Directory has had 350 Twitter tweets, 314 StumbleUpon stumbies, 209 Facebook likes, and 56 Google+ clicks.

The cost for submitting a site to the directory is $299, as a non-refundable fee. If accepted into the directory, it is a recurring annual fee. Non-commercial sites may be submitted to the directory for free but the success rate, as far as having them accepted, is low. Still, it is worth submitting your site to the Yahoo! Directory, as some free submissions are accepted.

Neither SEO metrics or submission costs figure into our evaluation and rating, however. For the purpose of our review, the directory will be assessed based on its performance in five general areas, as seen through the perspective of a potential directory user.

These areas are: aesthetics (10%), content (25%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (20%), and usefulness (25%). In addition, I may assign up to five additional points for useful content that I find on the site that is outside of what is normally seen in a web directory.

Aesthetics - 5/10

The design of the Yahoo! Directory is minimalist. Its fourteen upper-level categories are displayed in two columns of seven each, with New Additions and Subscribe via RSS taking up the eighth row.

Each category is enclosed within a box, which somewhat reduces the effect of its asymmetrical category name choices. Using dark blue or black text on a white background, the text is easy to read.

There is no advertising on its index page, but subpages include sponsored results on the right side of the page and another advertising block above the directory's subcategories.

Content - 19/25

The Yahoo! Directory is one of the largest on the Internet, I believe, but I cannot say this with any certainty because my IP number is banned whenever I try to scan the directory. According to my criteria, when a directory does not permit itself to be scanned, I will be deducting five points from what I might be inclined to award it in the content area otherwise.

The directory's topical categories are very well developed, but there are several empty or near empty categories in its regional tree, which can be frustrating to a directory user who drills down to the lower category levels only to find nothing there but fluff, if anything at all.

I would be awarding the Yahoo! Directory twenty-three or twenty-four out of a possible twenty-five points in this section, so I'll deduct five points from the higher number.

Intuitiveness - 17/20

The Yahoo! Directory uses a sensible taxonomy, which is supplemented by good use of @links and above or below the line capabilities. In my last review, I criticized the directory's use of "By Region" categories within its topical categories, which is generally a bad practice. However, I see now that these categories eventually lead back to the directory's regional tree, through a good use of @links. Nevertheless, it can be confusing.

Although there is a lot of content in the directory's regional categories, there are also more than a few empty categories, which would tend to frustrate users looking for something in that part of the directory. The Yahoo! Directory is far more willing to accept free submissions to its regional tree, probably in acknowledgment of this deficiency.

Its search feature works, but the default is to the Yahoo! search engine, which is supplemented by Google results. In order to search within the directory itself, it is necessary to use the advanced search features.

Within the category, Yahoo! Directory results are sorted by popularity.

Quality - 15/20

Like many of the older directories, the Yahoo! Directory uses sentence fragments in site descriptions rather than grammatically correct sentences, and they tend to be low on keywords, which adversely affects the ability to find them through the directory's search features. Frequently, domain names are used in lieu of the actual site descriptions.

On the other hand, there is no promotional language to be found, words are spelled correctly, and sites tend to be listed in appropriate categories.

Usefulness - 20/25

The Yahoo! Directory has a large amount of content, listed in categories that are well organized, using site descriptions that are reasonable, although not exemplary.

Detractions include the lack of category descriptions, and too many empty categories in its regional tree. The fact that its in-site search defaults to the search engine rather than the directory is a slight negative as, if someone wanted to use a search engine, they would be unlikely to begin at a directory.

Extra Content - 2

Being part of the Yahoo! network, there are, of course, many other resources available within the domain. Additionally, the Yahoo! Directory includes a suggestion board, where users can make suggestions, which may then be voted upon. Glancing through the board, I can see that Yahoo staff take part in the discussions from time to time, so there is a point of interaction that is is nice.

Overall Rating - 78%

On the basis of my evaluation of the Yahoo! Directory on March 20, 2014, I am giving it a rating of seventy-eight percent.


Had I not been blocked from scanning the directory, the Yahoo! Directory would have received a rating of eight-three percent, assuming that the results would be as expected.


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