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Upon evaluation of the Yahoo! Directory on September 16, 2013, the directory has been rated at eighty-one percent.

This is our third quarter of web directory reviews. The Yahoo! Directory was our number one directory during the first quarter of 2013 and, under different criteria, it was in fourth place during the second quarter.

Web Directory Reviews Org reviews twenty directories each quarter. The top ten from one quarter compete with one another, as well as with ten additional directories, during the following quarter.

During our third quarter of reviews, our evaluation criteria is essentially the same as it was during the second quarter, except that the values have changed.

Aesthetics is worth ten percent of the score during the third quarter, while intuitiveness and quality are worth twenty percent, and content and usefulness are worth twenty-five percent each.

Before we get to the evaluation itself, we'll look at some of the search engine optimization and site submission statistics, although these will have no effect on the directory's rating.

The Yahoo! Directory's index page has a Google PageRank of eight. Its second-level pages range from six to seven, and its third-level pages range from four to six. Some of its pages five and six levels deep have PageRank, while others do not.

Its Alexa Traffic Rank is four, its SEMRush Rank and SEMRush Search Traffic are four and 174,501,443 respectively. Its MajesticSEO number is 20,877,600,911. Its Moz Domain Authority is 100/100.

The Yahoo! Directory has 314 StumbleUpon stumbies, 291 Twitter tweets, 56 Google +1 clicks, and 165 Facebook likes.

Submissions to the Yahoo! Directory are, for the most part, fee-based, although it does accept free submissions of non-commercial sites. While sites may be submitted for free, they are not usually accepted. Submission costs are $299 per year, as a non-refundable fee, and payment is required for commercial sites.

With that out of the way, we'll move on to the evaluation itself.

Aesthetics - 6/10

The appearance of the Yahoo! Directory's main page couldn't be simpler. Using black text on a white background, the directory's fourteen top-level categories are arranged in two boxed columns of seven categories each, along with boxes for New Additions and Subscribe via RSS.

The top-level category names chosen by the Yahoo! Directory are asymmetrical, in that some of them consist of only one word, others two, and still others two words combined with an ampersand. As each of the upper-level categories are within their own box, the asymmetry is minimized but, at the same time, the look is not particularly attractive.

Internal pages are well organized, making good use of @links as well as an above and below the lines feature.

Sponsored content appears above the subcategory menus and along the right sidebar of its internal pages, somewhat marring the directory's appearance.

Content - 23/25

The Yahoo! Directory is one of the oldest and largest directories on the Internet. The directory receives a large number of paid and free submissions, plus the directory employs editors who actively seek sites to add to the directory.

The Yahoo! Directory features a very large number of site listings, particularly in its topical trees. While there are quite a few empty categories and fluff within its regional tree, there are still a lot of site listings there. Free submissions are more likely to be accepted within its regional tree than within its topical categories.

As a consequence of the difficulty of the directory's reluctance to accept free submissions, its content is heavy on the commercial side.

Intuitiveness - 15/20

The Yahoo! Directory's taxonomy is well considered. Its category and subcategory names make sense. Its use of @links and an above and below the line feature assist in the ease of navigation through the directory.

There are some exceptions, however. Many of its topical categories include a By Region subcategory, which creates regional trees within its topical categories, and this can be confusing.

Its regional tree, in particular, often end in empty subcategories, which can frustrate a directory user. Further exacerbating this problem, these empty categories often show a number in parenthesis, which would indicate that there are sites listed there.

Quality 15/20

As might be expected in older directories, the Yahoo! Directory uses sentence fragments, rather than complete, grammatically correct, sentences in site descriptions, and it often uses domain names in lieu of site titles.

There appears to be a low level of promotional content within titles or descriptions, although many are on the skimpy side.

The search feature defaults to search engine results, which are augmented by Google results. In order to find content within the directory itself, one must choose the Advanced Search option.

I did not come across any bad links within the directory. I usually use a program called Scrutiny to scan a directory for bad links. However, my IP was quickly banned by the Yahoo! Directory, which apparently viewed the Scrutiny scan as an attack. Fortunately, I use my Verizon Hotspot as an ISP, which gives me a different IP number every time I reboot it. Actually, that is more often a bother, but it came in handy in this case.

Usefulness - 20/25

Given the large amount of content contained within the Yahoo! Directory and its intuitive taxonomy, the directory is useful. As I mentioned earlier, its regional tree is somewhat less useful, given its many empty categories, but even that part of the directory has a reasonable amount of content.

Features that users might find confusing include the fact that its site search defaults to search engine results, the empty categories in regional, and the ease in which a directory user might find himself elsewhere within the Yahoo domain.

Extra Credit - 2

Many of the problems that exist within the Yahoo! Directory were the result of decisions made more than an decade ago, and are, thus, difficult to change at this late date.

The directory includes a suggestion board, in which directory users or submitters may offer comments or make suggestions to the staff, which are sometimes responded to.

Overall Rating - 81/100

Upon evaluation of the Yahoo! Directory on September 16, 2013, the directory has been rated at eighty-one percent.


The Yahoo! Directory may be a dinosaur among web directories, but it is an active dinosaur.


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